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Cycling in our area

The Auvergne offers the opportunity to enjoy the sights, the peace and quiet that is found in abundance. A good way to enjoy this is to make cycling tours.

For sports cyclists, there are plenty of challenges to be found on both the mountain and touring / road bike.

Many hundreds of kilometers of forest roads and tarmac are waiting for you to bring you along streams and rivers, through villages and small towns, often with beautiful (Roman) churches.

Around Maison Neuve, we have a maximum height defference of about 860 meters. From Ambert (at about 530 meters altitude) to the Col de Beal (1390 meters). The roads to the Cols even have billboards:

    Col du Beal      Col de Supeyres

Even when you want an easy trip, the valley of the River Dore, in which Ambert is situated, many miles await you, where the height difference is kept within limits. Perfectly flat is not to be found here, so enough gears on the bike is definitely recommended.

And for the real fans there is even the possibility to climb the Puy de Dôme one morning a year.

We have 20 ready-made routes available, from very easy to very difficult. And for the mountain bikers, the walking trails we have are also good to use as training material.

Click here for an overview of the present VTT / Mountain-bike routes

Click here for an overview of the present tour routes

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