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Walking in the area around Maison Neuve

The Auvergne is one of the most ideal regions for hikers!! The varied landscape is a paradise for beginners and more experienced hikers.

With the wide variety of trails and routes "everyone " can find his or hers route. There are hikes of 1.5 to 15 km length available and can you also chose from different height differences (from 80 to a few hundred meters), so enough choices we hope.

To explore the Auvergne and enjoy nature walks with magnificent views are availible for you. Here you will find peace and plenty of space. Take your time to look, listen, smell and taste the region. The local cuisine has much to offer......

Click here for an overview of the walks available.

Walks around Ambert Crêtes du Forez (Forez mountain crests)

Below are some pictures taken during several hikes: (Click on a picture to enlarge it..)

  • Grandval_2
  • Grandval_eglise_int
  • Grandval_le_bourg
  • Kapel_binnen
  • Kapel_buiten
  • Le_Monestier
  • Les_Pierres_Folles_1
  • Mairie_Grandval
  • Natuur_1
  • Natuur_2
  • Omgeving_1
  • Omgeving_4
  • Waterval_2
  • Waterval_3
  • Waterval_4
  • Zwammen_1
  • boerderij_le_fournier
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