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CDTE Livradois-Forez

The Livradois is a region with a fantastic nature, which allows to be explored very good by horse. In collaboration with "Ferme equestre de Polytrait", our neighbour, we offer both horses and riders shelter and food. Both houses are within a few kilometers of each other, but we offer transportation.

The "Comité du Ministère du Tourisme Equestre du Puy-de-Dôme (CDTE63)", ploted in the Puy-de-Dôme hiking trails from 6 to 30 kilometers length. The "Boucle Doré" (Golden Loop) is one of these trails and our homes offer an ideal starting location to explore this hiking trail.

In addition, F.R.E.T.E. (Fédération Française des Relais d'Etape et de Tourisme Equestre) is a national group that brings together the operators of Relais d'Etape, riders and their horses.

"Dont hesitate!" and discover this phenomenal country. A true surprise for the traveler!

In the valleys or exposed to the wind you will ride the ridges.
This green world, the Livradois, made of rocks and waters, will reveal its most beautiful forest detours, volcanic hills, castles, glacial valleys ...
Indulge in endless gallops and climb to the assault of clouds on the lonely moors of the Hautes-Chaumes like a Russian plane!

Unspoilt nature fill your eyes with its many treasures: the Lys Martagon, the hazel grouse or the "Merle de Roche" (rock robin).

At each stage (every 25-30 km on average) a lodging labeled F.R.E.T.E. awaits riders and horses.

Source: CDTE63

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